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Comparative Penology

Institute of Criminology


Crewe, B. (2020) The depth of imprisonment. Punishment & Society.

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Under review:

Ievins, A. (under review) 'Power, shame and social relations in prisons for men convicted of sex offences'.

Schliehe, A., Laursen, J. and Crewe, B (under review) ‘Loneliness in prison’.

Ievins, A. and Mjåland, K. (under review). 'Laissez-faire inclusion and authoritarian exclusion: Comparing the experiences of men convicted of sex offences in England & Wales and Norway'.


Blogs and Newspaper articles:

Mjåland, K. (21.12.2019) ‘Åpen soning gir håp’. Bergens Tidende. Kronikk. Publisert 21.12.2019.

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Border Criminologies' themed series:

Crewe, B. (2018) Penal policy making and the prisoner experience: a comparative  analysis. Border Criminologies Blog.

Mjåland, K. (2018) Rethinking the 'depth' of imprisonment. Border Criminologies Blog.

Laursen, J. (2018) Interviewing in People's homes. Border Criminologies Blog.

Schliehe, A. (2018) Women's imprisonment and the experiences of forgein nationals. Border Criminologies Blog.

Crewe, B. (2018) Asking and Observing in Prison Research. Border Criminologies Blog.




logo The Comparative Penology Group is led by Dr Ben Crewe and his research team who, since 2016, have been working on a five-year project titled: 'Penal policymaking and the prisoner experience: a comparative analysis'.

The research is based in England & Wales, and Norway, and involves four inter-related studies of (a) penal policymaking and the penal field (b) the experience of entry into and release from custody (c) the daily experiences of female prisoners and imprisoned sex offenders, and (d) prisoners in the most secure parts of each jurisdiction's prison system.

This project is funded by the European Research Council (ERC).








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